Mission and Ambition

Our Mission:

We are a local provider of high-quality building maintenance service that uses partnership to enable companies to achieve their ambitions.

We take a leading role with our maintenance support services through creativity, care and continuity in our relationships with clients. We perform our business in such a manner that benefits our objective:

Fulfilling promises
Dealing with clients in such a way they feel respected

Our Ambition:

To be a leading company of building maintenance services that, based on partnership, supports clients to realize their goals — and through that, strives for service optimization.

    Core Values
  • Knowledgeable
  • Delivering what has been promised
  • Honest
  • Focused on continuity
  • Company pride
  • Respect for each other
  • Personally accountable
  • Feeling responsibility for the client
  • Prepared to share knowledge


The success of our organization is based on eight important assets that National Building Maintenance Ltd., brings to every business relationship.

1. We invest in partnerships,
our most important asset is our commitment to forming long-term partnerships with our customers.

2. Quality Control
We have four levels of qualified and experienced management and supervision staff dedicated to your building as set forth below:

  1. Lead Hands, Daily on site inspections
  2. Quality Assurance Persons, who conduct unscheduled site inspections
  3. High Maintenance Persons - to ensure areas of extraordinary high usage are maintained to optimum standards
  4. Operations Manger - who conducts a full site inspection.

3.Our strength is in our knowledge.
National Building Maintenance Ltd's, policy, to focus on our service, has lead to in-depth knowledge of its products and markets.

4.Flexibility leads to win-win solutions.
National Building Maintenance Ltd., creates and implements programs designed to meet partners' individual building needs.

5.Dedicated staff.
We recognize that our employees make a difference. They are our most valuable resource and we invest heavily into our assets. By maintaining a payroll staff of qualified janitors, supervisors, mangers, carpenters, maintenance personnel and aligning ourselves with trades such as electrical, air conditioning etc., we are able to maintain a consistent level of service.

6. State of the Art Reporting System.
National Building Maintenance Ltd., provides real time property inspection reports using state of the art electronic devices. All property inspections reports are available for review 24/7.

7. Safety Training.
Safety training is one of the key components in our overall training program. Our employees are trained in the procedures of our clients', as well as our own safety procedures. Safety risks can exist in any situation. Our employees are trained to avoid specific safety hazards and to proactively look for possible hazards and recognize them before they become accidents. This plan of proactive prevention is indoctrinated in our employees from their first day of employment and continues throughout their employment.

8. Security.
Security procedures are paramount at National Building Maintenance Ltd. All our employees are trained in operating our client's alarms and are instructed regarding lockup procedures. Monthly exams on security procedures are administrated from their first day of employment and continue throughout the course of their employment.

All employees' have background checks and a security bond is issued on each employee. All our employees are in full uniform and wear identification tags.

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