About Us

We have over 40 years experience.

National Building Maintenance Ltd., was established on August 1, 1959. With all that has been happening in the service industry, we consider it noteworthy that we have had the same corporate family since inception.

Total commitment with a focus on Partnership.

Satisfying our partners' needs is our primary focus, and we pledge to continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our customers

What we do better then anyone else is provide full property maintenance service.

Meeting your unique needs, understanding your process, developing and designing a customized maintenance and janitorial program is what we do better then anyone else. Integrating technology with traditional methods has resulted in satisfying our customers' needs. One example of our capabilities surrounds real time property inspection reports. We understand the importance of having access to these reports at anytime. Also, National Building Maintenance Ltd., has the state of art technology that offers you access 24/7.

Knowledge and flexibility is what really differentiates us from others.

As one of the leading providers of building maintenance and janitorial services in Greater Vancouver, we possess both the expertise and the necessary infrastructure of people, processes, and technology to support the requirements of our customers.

Recognizing our people is the difference. National Building Maintenance Ltd., offers the most capable maintenance and janitorial staff in the building maintenance industry today. By maintaining a payroll staff of qualified janitors, supervisors, managers, carpenters and maintenance personnel, and aligning ourselves with highly qualified trades such as electrical and air conditioning etc., has enabled National Building Maintenance Ltd., to insure total service consistency in response time and quality of work.

An additional benefit in having such a diverse and qualified staff is our ability to handle all emergencies twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week.

With a full service pallet, we are able to handle anything from water leaks to repairing and securing building breakins, by placing one call to our emergency line.

Our business has grown because our partners have confidence in our ability.

National Building Maintenance Ltd., is able to handle any property, regardless of the size or frequency of service required. We currently provide service to properties as small as 500 sq. ft to over 500,000-sq. ft., with a total portfolio of several million sq. ft.

Our business is based on partnership; our success is measured by the success of our partners.

As partners we must be supportive during the good times as well as the challenging times. National Building Maintenance Ltd., has set programs to help our customers during economic down times and or high vacancy rates to help reduce building maintenance costs through lower rates and innovative programs.

This is our only business, and we have served, and will continue to serve our partners for the long term.

Our commitment to our Partners has allowed us to enjoy long-term relationships - dating back more than 40 years. Not only have we been entrusted with our Partners' business and their customers, but also they have entrusted us with something beyond value - their trust. A trust we will vigorously strive to maintain.

Romano M. Cortese
General Manager
National Building Maintenance Ltd. 

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